My Story

In the mid-90’s Garth started his first company in Portland, Oregon called Daydream Media. At Daydream he specialized in creating websites for small and medium-sized businesses that included law firms, communications consultants, a telecom company, an action sports camp, an ocean-side resort, and a wedding venue.

In the early 2000’s he moved back to the East Coast to join a start-up company to support their sales, marketing, and technical initiatives, which ultimately lead to living abroad for a few years.

Garth and his family decided to come back to the States and grow roots in Garth’s hometown in Vermont. There Garth started working with tech companies around the globe managing brands, creating content, and implementing digital marketing strategies.

Today, he is drawing from more than 15 years of marketing and digital design experience to again work with small and medium-sized business delivering marketing and creative services that help his clients become more successful.